Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winter coat: Pockets, hoods and a funeral


So last Saturday I brought my sewing machine to the repair shop. Tuesday I got a call that my machine can't be fixed. The part needed to be replaced isn't being made any more and so it's deceased. I'm kinda bummed because it was a nice machine.
Luckily I had plenty of others for replacement machines. I was already planning to buy a new one in the future so these plans are just moved forward a bit. In the meantime I've got offers to loan a machine or buy them for a steal. This Sunday my mother and I will pick one of these machines up in return for a home-made apple pie.  Nice deal!

Pockets and hoods

With the rain we been having lately it made me realise the winter coat hasn't got any pockets or a hood. Things I really need, since it's one of the reasons I don't wear another similar style coat because of it (and the fact that it keeps losing it's buttons). So I looked up what to do.

For the pockets I tried doing a similar method that I used on a previous pattern, but I would have the coat pattern quite a bit for it to work. I then looked for other methods. I have only made pockets once and that method wasn't going to work. Luckily the internet helped me. So I'm going to make a Welt pocket with a flap using this method. Off course with everything I'm going to test it first on the prototype coat.

I had some hood patterns with my cloak patterns which can be used for the coat according to stuff other people said with minimal corrections. I'm also going to make a little hair comb on the inside of the hood. This way I can clip this in my hair keeping the hood in place when it's windy instead of holding it with my hands and rain coming into my sleeves. 

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