Monday, November 4, 2013

Wintercoat: recutting patterns again, hood, pockets and a sewing hospital visit.

So, yesterday I sat down to cut out fabric pieces. With the hiplength Size E (Before had size C) patterns I had already cut the lining and now I was sitting down to cut the fashion fabric.
However I had doubts about the hip length. My current coat is thigh length and I love how in rainy weather it keeps my ass dry and warm. The hip length wouldn't cover my butt when sitting down or on my bike.
But I wasn't really sure yet.
So I decided to not do the lazy thing, but the smart thing. Namely recutting patterns in hip length and size E and then see how it looks in thigh length. It's easier to shorten the coat when it's almost done than lengthen it.
This means however I also have to recut the lining pieces, but I have plenty leftover fabric. I don't have that much extra fashion fabric for budget reasons. The lining was EUR 1,- per metre and the fashion fabric was EUR 16 per metre.

Than later that evening it started to rain and it made me realize (with the twisted and winding roads my  mind makes) that this coat won't have a hood or pockets. The very reason I'm not wearing another similiar style coat in bad weather. So I put on the prototype and started to see if pockets could be made. It's possible, but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to do it.
I made a coat with pockets once so I'm trying to see if I can use the same method. I'm gonna try with some leftover fabric I have.

Also having to figure out how I'm going to make a hood on the coat. I have some hooded cloak patters which has nice hoods that I can adapt. Problem is... I can't find those patterns. I have almost all my patterns in a bag, but these cloaks are one of my first bought patterns. I don't know where I put them. Otherwise I have to get one from the internet or perhaps try my hand at making one myself. Off course, also the hood will be made first in leftover fabric on the prototype. Hood might be so hard. I just hope I have enough fabric for it.

Saturday I brought my sewing machine to the shop to get fixed. With the Miss Hartigan Project my sewing machine stopped transporting my fabric. Keeping it in place. So I had to use a back up machine. This machine is fine, but it's not my Singer. So I hope they can fix it. An aquintance of my mother said it might be a simple thing to fix, but at the shop they said they would do their best. I know they always say this to protect themselfs, but still.

Still need locking thread for my lock machine though... So have to get to the shop saturday. Perhaps I can pick up my machine then. I hope so.

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