Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crinoline: Almost finished. (and a little Fairy Queen)

Yup, after a week off I almost finished the crinoline. It is more work than I anticipated and I had to alter the lengths of the hoops a little bit, but it's almost finished now.

Yup, that's ductape :P The twill bone casing tape I ordered with the hoops is too small. The hoops can get inside, but it's too tight to push the hoops through. So I just taped the hoops together to measure and finish it as best as I can until the newly ordered wider twill tape arrives and I can properly finish. 

At least it's finished enough so I can fit the Fairy Queen costume over it and see how that works out. It seems that I haven't bought enough fabric for the base of the skirt, so I have to get an additional 1,5 metre tomorrow. Now I just hope I did buy enough for the layers. Something which I'm also doubting, but can't verify just yet.

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