Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wintercoat: Almost finished and almost gave up. Crinoline and Fairy Queen: teasers... Happy Fairy Queen


hi Y'all,

The winter coat is almost finished. Sleeves are in. Seams are finished and I hemmed the coat. Some little mistakes that arise will still need to be fixed and pockets need to be added. But I wanted to do the buttons and stuff, so I can at least start wearing the coat before winter ends.

So on New Years Eve I sat down to do the button holes. A task which takes about an hour and with sewing the buttons on would take 2 at most. All my test button holes on a failed collar (so it had all the layers and stuff) turned perfect after a few adjustments. But when I put my coat under the machine it started acting up.
Breaking the top thread even after adjusting the tension. So I gave up on the button holes. I hate doing them with the intensity of a thousand suns.
So last Saturday I took the coat to a tailorshop and asked them to make the button holes. I can sew on the buttons by myself. I don't care that it will cost me, because it will save me a lot of frustration.


So I sewed the bag parts together. Still need to finish the seams before continuing it, but I started on it. With the tailor Dummy I can work on it.

Fairy Queen

I'm also very happy with my Fairy Queen costume. I haven't bought fabric yet, but I bought my first part of it. I intend to start on the Fairy Queen costume at the end of January. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Beverwijkse Bazaar to buy some pretty shiny fabrics. Unfortunately I couldn't find fabric I like for the price I liked. So I will go to Amsterdam on the 20th with a friend of mine. 
However I did see some nice embellishments there which would save me a lot of time with adding beads and shinies by hand and then I saw a bodice! It was so pretty I had to buy it. It was expensive but it will look gorgeous, fabulous and amazing while saving me lots of work. 

Is that a GIF? Hell no, that's a normal camera photo that literally sparkles of your screen! It's magic!

It's a glass beaded bodice that you sew over the top. Awesome! Woot!

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