Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gamurra: mock up done

I finished the square necked chemise and 2 different bodices.  They're all just mock-ups. For the right look and feel.

Picture time:

Finished chemise: 

Finished high bodice: 
After this bodice I tried it on and found out that my tailoring dummy is bigger than myself. I had to buy another one and adjust the next bodice for my own fit. Luckily this was easily done.

Finished low bodice: It's View VIII on the pattern. On the new dummy so it fits better.

I kinda like the look with the lower cleavage. But I think I'm going to alter the patterns to make a more half breasted look. So a third bodice will be made.

In other news! I also have a facebook group where I will update on a more regular basis. Also with smaller updates.

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