Monday, July 7, 2014

Gamurra: First steps

So after making a third bodice mock-up that I was happy with I got my fabric last week. After washing, drying and ironing my silk I bought new fabric scissors last Saturday. Not just scissors, but also golden trim, gold metallic thread for said trim and decorative stitches and thread for the turquoise fabric.

What started out as just cutting the pieces ended up in a nearly finished bodice. Still needs to be trimmed and properly ironed at this point. Also need eyelets for the lacing in the back, but that will be after the trim has been added.

The photo doesn't do the colour justice. It's blue, but sometimes green and I love how it looks with the golden color. The trim is slightly more golden yellow, so that adds some depth to the garment. I still want to make some small alterations to the bodice, mostly in the back so the fit is even better and it's easier to dress. 

The skirt pieces are also sewn together and I finished the seams. I want to do big boxpleats with more trims in the middle of the pleats. I'm debating where I will put the skirt. Right now the bodice is for the skirt to start at the hip. I kinda want to lift it up a bit so it starts just below my breasts like it does on this picture: 

Will pleat the skirt on a band so I can see how it will look like by just pinning this band onto the bodice. 

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