Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Victorian Undergarments: Some hustle with a bustle!

So.... after making the basic bustle in about a days work (without counting the cutting of the fabric and tracing of the pattern) it took me a little longer to make the ruffled overlay. It is optional, but since I like poofiness I added it. Boy did I regret that at some times. 
Even when gathering by using my machine it was a lot of work. The gathering wasn't even the worse. It was the hemming of the ruffles! When I got my own ironing board it helped a lot since I didn't have to move the fabric that much. 

The pattern that I used: Truly Victorian TV TV101(found here) was again really clear in it's instructions. Although I had to figure out how much ruffles where needed on the overlay by myself. The instructions aren't clear about that. You need to cut the pieces 9 times and they have to go in 6 different layers, but there isn't a recommended way described.

On with the pictures: 

 Do you see the poofiness! It's awesome!

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