Thursday, October 2, 2014

Victorian Undergarments: Corset finished

Although the corset didn't turn out perfect I did learn a lot I can use for the future.
The Truly Victorian pattern is really easy to understand and with some additional tips I've gotten through the years it worked well enough.

I did make the boning channels a little too tight at some points, since I didn't use boning tape as a guide. However with a little help I could get the boning through without trouble.

I do know that I'll need to have a machine with a zipper foot next time, since I did have to leave some more room between the edge and the boning, since my machine wouldn't work well to sew directly to the bones.

But onto the pictures!

As you can see the bias isn't exactly even, but I don't care.

The backside. Not fully laced on the mannequin, but enough to get the shape.
 A close up for the fabric. It has a nice pattern, but it was difficult to capture on picture.

 A boob shut to see the bias and again you can see the pattern on the fabric.

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