Monday, February 16, 2015

Belle Dress: Starting

A childhood dream comes true. I'm going to dress up as Belle! From Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
I'm going to change the dress somewhat to suit my own style.


This will be somewhat what I intend. A base skirt with an shiny pleated overskirt.

The patterns I'm going to use will be from Truly Victorian.

For the skirt I'm using TV240 1860's Ball Gown Skirt. This skirt has a underskirt with a box-pleated ruffle. I will make this underskirt with a chiffon layer for the prettiness and an cotton base layer for the modesty. Sheer fabric's are pretty, but I don't want to show everyone my butt.  The overskirt is Organza which is flatlined with the cotton to create a small color difference between the chiffon.

The bodice will be a TV442 1860's Ballgown Bodice. This bodice has the off shoulder look and the Bertha (the neckline/sleeve frubble thingie). I will probally modify the Bertha a bit, since I don't like how it looks in the back. I will use a damask jaquard for the base and the organza for the Bertha.

Current progress

I've already started on the skirt. The cotton underskirt and the chiffon underskirt are sewed. When the overskirt is finished (which is partly finished).  I can pleat the layers to the waistband.
I just need to trim the overskirt, but my trims haven't arrived yet, so I'm forced to take a little break, before I can finish the overskirt.

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