Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Robe a la Francaise, but extra wide.

I've made a Robe a la Francaise once before. However I didn't really wore it that much. The bodice was too big, the panniers I made broke on the first day and I never did any research. Just bought a pattern that I liked, with fabric that I liked the colour of. With bad lining and even worse thread tension.

Since my love for Rococo fashion hasn't abated I'm going to try again. However I'm going to mix the normal Robe a la Francaise (left) with a Robe de Cour (right). I love the big hips of the Robe de Cour, but the back pleats of the Robe a la Francaise is to die for!


For the stays I'm using J.P. Ryan's stays. The fully boned, strapless pattern.

For the panniers I will use (after a failed experiment) Simplicity's 3635.

For the petticoat I will use the pattern from Simplicity's 3637

However. Since the rest of the dress is not that great I will use J.P. Ryan's Robe a la Francaise pattern. 

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