Thursday, January 10, 2013

Miss Hartigan Dress: Bodice Prototype 1

I knew this dress came with a few challenges. The first one was actually easier than I thought (Although I have yet to receive definitive proof that I succeeded, but in theory I have), the second one was just as challenging.

After cutting out all the pattern pieces I had to alter the neckline of the body. This was actually easier done, since the original pattern came with placement lines for fringe, which were an excellent indicator for where I wanted the neckline to go.

Next challenge was the panelling. The pattern has 4 panels, Front left, Side back, Back and Front Right, but the original shows that the front has 4 panels with the 2 centre ones having a sort of strips.

So I had to cut up the pattern to make from 1 panel, 2 panels.  You can see it below. The 2 left white pieces used to be one. There was a dart and from that I extended that line to the shoulder.You can see the original (albeit mirrored) pattern next to it.

Also look at the pretty fabric. Only 1 euro on the market.  It has similar texture to silk and some sort of sheen, so it will also give me a fairly accurate representation of the original is silk. What fabric I have left (I bought 10 mtr) will be used for lining.

On to the next challenge. The strips of fabric on the 2 front panels. I had found a site with clear descriptions with pictures with multiple ways to do it, but it went offline.
So I had to gather the memories of the things I read and saw and asked for some advice from my facebook friends to figure it out.
I decided to make strips about 3cm wide (although I'm thinking about going to about 4cm for the original). I did this by cutting strips of 6cm and folding them double, stitching it close and ironing it flat. Then sew them on the panel upside down, and press them back.

Then the helltask of putting them on the panel started. Halfway through I decided that for the original I would just sew them overlapping the right way (so I don't have to press them back). It's thinner and much less work. Since I have to do the 2 front panels and the back pannel this way I don't want to do more work when it looks the same.

I have one panel finished (after 6 hours of work) so I will do only one panel. With the prototype I didn't really bother with making it even and all, but I will do so with the real thing obviously.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished panel so you will see that tomorrow when I putting the bodice together.

My fabric hasn't arrived yet, nor have I received a shipping notice, but hopefully I'll get that soon. Since I plan to have the bodice finished this weekend.

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