Monday, September 30, 2013

Wintercoat and crinoline.

Hey followers,

I have started a new project and hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping you informed of it. So here goes.

I'm actually starting 2 projects.

First off: Wintercoat

A stand alone project with no clear deadline, but hopefully I finish it before winter ends. I'm going to make a winter coat. For this I'm using patterns from Truly Victorian.
Namely Truly Victorian 1880s Late Bustle Coat

I'm going to make the right one with the collar of the right one. I have ordered the fashion fabric and wattine, since they didn't have it in stock at the market I went to. Hopefully I can pick it up next weekend.
I did buy the interfacing fabric for the inside. I'm still debating if I'm gonna use a fashion lining or just use the plain linnen fabric I bought. Perhaps when I have all my fabrics you're gonna help me decide?

This is the first time I'm going to make something that I can and will be using on a daily basis. So I can't cut corners and need to be precise. Because if I'm not happy with it I won't wear it.

So before I'm using the good fabrics I'm going to make a prototype to adjust the fit. I want it to fit snug and pretty, but also comfortable. Perhaps I'm going to add a removable hood for those days you just want a hood on your head.

Second: Crinoline

I'm going to make a crinoline. It's gonna be part of the project for the Elf Fantasy Fair in April 2014, but I'm going to name it separate since I might use it for a multitude of costumes. It will also be usable for dresses I already made. For this I'm using patterns from Truly Victorian. 
I like that it's big and plenty of hoops. Together with the bum roll I made for the Miss Hartigan dress it will look fabulous!

For this I have everything I need. I already cut the fabric, but still need to lock the fabric and sew the bag. I hope I have enough strength to cut the hoop wire. But we'll see. At least I bought plenty off it.

It's another first for me since I never made a crinoline and everybody tells me their a bitch to make. So tips are always appreciated.

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