Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wintercoat: small update

Just a small post without any pictures about the wintercoat.

I've received my batting (fiberfill) yesterday. It's a big box that doesn't weigh anything, but sits in the way. So I stored it in the shed waiting to be used.

I have also traced all the patterns in size C. Which was most like my sizes according to the size chart. I'm going to make a prototype for adjusting the sizes, because it won't fit at all places. I have some left over fabrics which will be nice to use for the prototype.

Friday night I can start cutting the prototype fabric pieces. I probably won't do this all in one night.I don't have a high, flat, large enough table, so I cut my pieces on the ground. After cutting a few pieces my legs, butt and back hate me.

Hopefully my fabric is ready for pick-up this Saturday. This way I can see if I think I need a stronger fabric between the layers to add warmth and toughness. I couldn't really determine this with just the small sample and the liningfabric without the batting.

My fashion fabric is really pretty. I forgot to take a picture at the market, but when it arrives I'll make pictures.

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