Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wintercoat: Fabric and prototype update

So my lovely readers/watchers/followers/blog reading people,

I present to you the much anticipated fabric picture.

It's a bad cameraphone picture with flash, but you get an idea. The red is not as prominent as in this picture. But it's pretty and the black lining is taffeta which I bought at the market on discount.

With that being said I have made the prototype. I hadn't put the sleeves in, but just pinned it on the prototype, because I hate doing sleeves and I just had to get a general idea of fit and length for the sleeves.  Again a bad cameraphone picture.

I wore a shirt and a vest underneath since that's what I would normally wear. I also tried it with a thicker sweater and that was a little snug, so I'm going to make my coat one size bigger. Also because I have to take the batting and lining in account. Better make it a little too big and take it in here and there.I also have to lengthen the sleeves quite a bit. Almost 10 cm.

I'm pretty happy with it altogether. It's an easy pattern to sew together, perhaps I'll make more coats using this pattern :P

Well this week I'll be cutting my fabric pieces in a larger size. I have to do this for 3 different fabrics (fashion fabric, batting and lining) and I'm still debating adding another think layer between the fashion fabric and batting for adding warmth and water resisting to my coat.  Tell me what you think, my dearies.

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