Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wintercoat: Recutting patterns, fixing sewing machine and altering lengths

So after my prototype I concluded that my coat had to be bigger for a better fit. It fitted a little snug when wearing a sweater underneath. Since it's a winter coat I need to wear it over layers of warm clothing. So I added a size for better fit and I also added a size because of the batting.
I added 10cm to the sleeves.

I also decided to use the shorter version of the pattern. With the prototype I used the 'Thigh length' but I thought this was too long so I used the Hip length right now. Gonna alter the prototype first to check if the length suits me better.

Also need to send my sewing machine away to get fixed. I have a spare one but this one doesn't work as well as my own. Luckily my father offered to drive me and my sewing machine to the shop, since my sewing machine weighs a ton and the nearest service point which fixes my sewing machine is in Zaandam.

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