Monday, August 18, 2014

Victorian Undergarments: Beginnings

Since the gamura isn't meant for a specific event (and most likely won't be worn before next year) that project is on hold. In the meantime I'm starting a new project.

Victorian Undergarments

I love Victorian dresses. Mostly bustle dresses. They have something sophisticated and also sexy. Also they are very versatile. A different bodice, overskirt or underskirt makes for very different combinations.
Since I expect I'll be making more Victorian Bustledresses I want to make a complete undergarment set.

This will consist of the following:

Chemise and drawers

Truly Victorian - TV102
 I will make these in some fine nice linen.


1880 Late Victorian Corset
A linen corset. I don't know what I'll use for the fashion fabric. 

Corset cover

Truly Victorian TVE02 Edwardian Underwear

Again linen or cotton with lace. 


Truly Victorian - TV101
I made one before, but want to make a new one since the other one has some flaws. 


Victorian Petticoats

Since the bustle is within the petticoat separate petticoats aren't necessary. However it will give some extra volume. I like big butts I cannot lie. 

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