Saturday, September 6, 2014

Victorian Undergarments: Chemise finished

So I bought fabric and trim on wednesday. My brother bought some lace and ribbon yesterday and I finished the chemise yesterday evening. I'm really happy with it. 

The pattern is really simple and has very clear instructions. Of course it's a simple garment. It's not lined but just a plain garment. 

I haven't hemmed it yet, since I might want to use the trim I used on the slim, but I will also need that trim for the drawers and I'm not sure if I have enough. 

The chemise is white cotton, with white trim and insertion lace. Currently it has a white ribbon in the insertion lace, but I intend to match the ribbon with the corset I'll wear. 

Detail shot of the sleeve. The insertion lace is kind of basic, but it's the only one they had at the store. It kind of suits a chemise.

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