Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Victorian Undergarments: Drawers complete

So after finishing the chemise I started on the matching drawers.

The pattern I used, Truly Victorian TV102, is really clear. The drawers are a little more complex than the chemise and have therefore more instructions, but these are clear.

So after a few days work I was ready to attach the waistband only to found out I had 2 left legs in the literal sense. So after a little seamripping I quickly made the right leg... pun intended.

For both the chemise and the drawers I used cotton with cotton trim.

The front is partly closed. Only the first 10 inches or so are sewn together. The rest is open for an easy access to your bum. 

 The back side. You can see that the backside is open and tied with the ribbon. For the picture I pushed the parts a little away to show the open, but it quickly falls closed again. I doubt you'll see my butt if I would only wear the undergarments. 

Detail of the legband and trim. I debated early on if I wanted to make the leg band of lace or some embroidered cotton. However since probally nobody is going to see it and I do have a deadline I didn't do that. Perhaps one day I'll make some fancy drawers with embroidery and frills. 

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