Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Victorian Undergarments: Surprise corset!

So after sewing the chemise and drawers I wanted to start on a bustle to go under my petticoats.
So I grabbed a bought victorianish corset I had and dressed myself in the chemise, drawers and corset. However I quickly found out why I haven't worn that corset that much. It's too high and big and gives me the dreaded Corset Ridge.

So since I already had the pattern and fabric for a corset, since I tended to do one later. I decided that it was necessary to make a corset. I can't go out with a beautiful bustle dress with a badly fitting corset now, could I?

 So after tracing and alterating the pattern, following the clear instructions by Truly Victorian, I made a fitting corset of canvas. The pattern is wonderful as it also gives a way to fit a mock corset without having to bone and lace it. I had to alter a small thing, which was easily done.

Tonight I intended to simply sew in the busk and do the rest later. A couple of hours later I have a near complete corset where I just have to sew the boning channels, add the bones and finish with bias.

I made pictures, but somehow they aren't recognized. I will update this post later with pictures.

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Edit for pictures:

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