Monday, March 10, 2014

Fairy Queen: Market run, failed.

So today I went back to the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam to get more of the fabrics. I re-calculated how much I needed which is about twice as much. Since this market is only open on monday morning I moved my shift to a later shift, enabling me to go before work. 
So this morning I got out of bed early and left for Amsterdam on 8 o'clock. An hour later I arrived at the market. 

I bought canvas for my bodice and continued over the marketstreet towards the stand where I bought the other fabrics. Only to see an empty stall. A quick inquiry at the neigboring stand taught me that he probally wasn't going to come since he would have been there already. (Market was just open and many stalls were still setting up). Disappointing. So even though I checked the rest of the stalls I couldn't find the fabrics I wanted to use. Or something else I liked for a decent price. 

I did manage to get the magenta organza I needed. But I need to go back for the other fabrics. I'm kinda bummed, but at least I can finish the bodice. 

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