Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fairy Queen: Plans are made to be changed!

Monday I went to the market to buy more fabric. Unfortunately the stand wasn't there, yet I found some pretty other fabrics I could use. Lots of police and helicopters for the NSS. Luckily it wasn't a bother too much.

Yesterday I cut all the fabric. Found out I had did have enough of the pretty fabrics, just not the organza. Yesterday I didn't have enough energy to continue after cutting fabrics. My back ached as well.

This morning I started putting all my fabrics together. The new fabrics and the old fabrics and I made some decisions. I now had 6 fabrics, but only 4 were needed. So I decided to make 5 layers. Only the soft pink organza was cut, since it didn't really show on the fabric of the base skirt. It will have a much softer gradient and I think it will look prettier.

The rest of the day was spent sewing the layer parts together. Tomorrow I will hem and ruffle them. Before I'm sewing them onto the skirt I can always change things again. I'm flexible like that.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures today and I don't feel like doing it tonight as well. I will try to make some pictures tomorrow.

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