Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fairy Queen: Wig and crown!

So I received my wig and crowns this week. I ordered 2, because I couldn't decide.

The wig is a little less yellow than this picture suggests. This is the big crown. I like the bigness of it. But it doens't follow the shape of my head that much. I would also need to poof up the wig more than with the other crown. Yet I do feel this is more of a Fairy Queen crown than the other one. 

This crown follows the shape of my head very well and I love how sparkly it is. It's also shorter so I won't need to poof the wig that much. But I also fear that when I poof the wig and style it the crown gets lost in the curls and wig since it's more subtle. Even though I'm not sure if this crown is Fairy Queen material, I love the crown so much I will use it for other costumes. 

I have the same wig in a more brownish colour which is also very pretty. I have however cut the bangs on that wig so it fits perfectly without a crown. With a crown however the wig needs to move backwards and the bangs would be too short for that.

Next week I have another week of sewing planned, so I hope to finish the dress to an at least wearable and 'testable' state. I need to see this together to figure things out.

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